Name: Kwinten Van De Walle

Position: Research Fellow

Email: kwinten@mail.shufe.edu.cn

Office No.: Room 509, Red Tile Building

Research/Teaching Interestseighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature and print culture, book illustration, book history, Gothic literature, comparative literature (English, French, Dutch, German), John Milton

Educational background

PhD in Literary Studies, Ghent University (2014)

MA in Linguistics and Literature: English-Latin, Ghent University (2010)

BA in Linguistics and Literature: English-Latin, Ghent University (2009)

Selected Publications

Edited Works

(With Sandro Jung) The Genres of Thomson’s “The Seasons”. Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh University Press, 2018.

Journal Articles

The Visual Criticism of Thomas Stothard’s Designs of Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe for The Royal Engagement Pocket Atlas (1821).” Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 46:1 (2021): 93–116.

The French Translations of James Thomson’s The Seasons, 1754–1818.” Translation & Literature 27:2 (2018): 141–164.

The Temple of the Muses, the Earl of Buchan and the Scottish Memorialization of James Thomson.” ANQ 30:4 (2017): 210–5.

Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Chapbooks of the Legend of Jack the Giant Killer.” Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society 10 (2015): 109–137.

Editorialising Practices, Competitive Marketability and James Thomson’s The Seasons.” Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 38:2 (2015): 257–276.

(With Sandro Jung and Morteza Lak) “Humphry Repton’s The Bee and Boydell’s Shakespeare Gallery.” ANQ 27:2 (2014): 76–83.

James Wallis’s Editions of James Thomson’s The Seasons.” Studies in the Literary Imagination 46:1 (2013): 115–137.

The Architectural Theatricalization of Power in William Beckford’s Vathek.” ANQ 26:3 (2013): 163–168.

Milton’s Hypotextual Presence in James Thomson’s Summer (1727).” Ranam 45 (2012): 115–128.

Negotiations of Tradition in James Thomson’s Winter (1726–1744).” English Studies 93:6 (2012): 668–682.

Book Chapters

From Inter- to Intratextuality: ‘Autumn’ as the Conclusion to The Seasons.” In The Genres of Thomson’s“The Seasons”, edited by Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle, 43–58. Newark, Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh University Press, 2018.


Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellowship (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, 2020–2021)

Everett Helm Visiting Fellowship (Lilly Library, Bloomington (IN), October 2014)


The Illustration of Oliver Goldsmith’s Literary Works (1766-1845): Adopting a media-focussed methodological approach, this interdisciplinary project aims to offer a diachronic study of the illustration of Oliver Goldsmith’s literary works. Examining a wide variety of visual media, ranging from book illustration to paintings and furniture prints, the project will uncover the ways in which Goldsmith’s literary texts were repeatedly reinscribed and reinterpreted throughout the late eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth century. Drawing additionally on other paratextual responses in the cultural space, such as biographies, advertisements, and reviews, the project will trace the various stages of the cultural transmission and transformation of Goldsmith’s texts and will demonstrate that the visual responses played an integral part in the establishment and reinforcement of their economic and symbolic capital.

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